Friday, July 17, 2009

Pluggage Number 2

Got to do it. My wife Cyndi is one hell of a photographer and digital imaging artist. Since I started this blog I've always had a link to her photography myspace on the sidebar but I thought I should post up something on the main blog space to generate some interest.

Cyn's been shooting digital photos for three years now. What started as a smalltime hobby using a borrowed Kodak EZ Share digital camera has become a passion with no boundaries in sight for this girl! In 2008 she bought her own Sony digital camera, which at the time we thought it was the bomb. It had been adequate for what Cyn wanted to do at the time, but it wasn't long before she knew that this hobby was something special and that better equipment was going to be needed. The main reason she felt a bit of pressure to upgrade was the influx (rapid I might add) of people that wanted to have their photos taken and enhanced by Cyn. Cynister Imaging was born!

After two seasons of outdoor photography that rivals the best in the area, the so-called professionals in the area, Cyndi wanted to cover all bases and not limit her talents to natural lighting and outdoor sceneries. Therefore, a small studio was built in the rear of the house, large enough for small family portraits and perfect for small children or baby shoots. Facial shots for business purposes that require a nuetral background are now also a possibility. Smith-Victor lighting illuminates the studio producing a nice balance of light on all subjects.

With the addition of the indoor capabilities to Cynister Imagings arsenal, Cyndi has situated herself well enough to be able to tackle almost any job that comes her way! Please take a moment to check out Cyn's myspace at (click link in sidebar) and browse through ALL her photo albums to get a small glimpse of her capabilities. I'm certain once you see the potential, deciding on your next photo shoot will be much easier on the mind, and on the budget! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out for her, it means alot.

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