Saturday, May 21, 2011

GLIMPSE: The Witcher 2

I am going to first make it well known that I am a story driven, first person shooter or third person shooter fanatic that rarely strays from the security of my favorite genre. To say the The Witcher 2 is a little bit against my usual style would be an understatement. But there was something about this game that caught my eyes late last year and I started to follow the development phase of CDProjekts followup to the 2007 title The Witcher.

Graphically this game is so gorgeous with such vibrant colors dotting the environments and spectacular detail from the leaves of the plants to the rocks just beneath the surface of a trickling creek. Not only does the world look tremendous, the character's themselves are so solidly done from the clothing they wear to the jewelry they flaunt one can't help but notice how similar to real world materials some of this stuff appears. There is that much detail.

I only have about 18 hours invested in the title and I am really surprised that a game of this genre has me so hooked so early on. I have a lot to learn about the fundamentals still, but so far, taking it slow and paying close attention to orders, I have been gaining the appreciation for the game that it deserves.

If I stick with this game, making it to the end and having a generally satisfactory experience, that could open the doors for me to start expanding my video game preferences. Right now the games I chose most often involve alot of mindless shooting strung together by a semi structured storyline. It'll be interesting to see what effects this game has on my later picks.

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