Saturday, February 11, 2012

Out of nowhere comes The Darkness 2

What a ride this title has been!  At first I was a little reluctant to enjoying this game as I was a huge fan of the first game that came out almost six years ago.  With a departure in art style as significant as what is witnessed in this game compared to The Darkness, it's easy for me to initially be skeptical.  When the visuals change that much, what else of the familiar will they change?  After six hours with the game, I approach the end and I am concerned not about the art direction, nor the new voice of the main character.  I see myself realizing that I have just played a satisfying shooter that expands on a classic tale born in my generation.  It's more like a comic book come to life than many games that come along including it's predecessor.

There are not many games that I plan to pick up from this point forward until around May when the new Ghost Recon title is schedules to drop.  I knew I wanted to have this be a part of my collection and soon will be adding an Xbox 360 copy of the original to may Hall of Fame that is under development in my gaming room!   The addition of a new game plus feature to this game will make for some fun replays where I can ramp up the difficulty for a decent challenge.  I played the first run mainly to gather up the story and in doing so went with the easiest difficulty like I normally do unless I am playing a military shooter.  I do believe I will play the game on the hardest available mode next up.  I may be able to make up some time even though it will be a second run due to the fact that I should know most of the enemy possibilities and patterns.  I look forward to it.

Now dollar for dollar there are better experiences out there that came along the same time as The Darkness 2, but still it should not be overlooked especially for fans of the original.  Those just starting to get into the franchise should note that not only is the first game worthy of playing, it's also found for nearly next to nothing at GameStop all day long!  Play them in either order, in my opinion it won't really matter, just play them!

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