Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ever get a headache?

I mean this motherfucker hurts! I can't stand it much longer. I had to have an injection in my ass today to see if that woud help! Actually they stuck me in the arm, but anyway, they stuck me! So I'm home from work Monday and Tuesday now for this shit. What better way to waste the day away than play some games yo!

Even though I am in sever to moderate pain here, I have been awake since 2a.m. With that said, I cannot lye down, just not comfy. I cannot sit as that is even worse. Standing isn't bad. I just can'g get into a position where the pounding headache subsides just a small bit for god sakes!

So I sit up, knowing this is the worst position. I tilt my head to the left, raising my chin about 3 inches above center, yes I look like I am just noticing a huge snot fall from my wifes shnoz (I spell it shnoz) as she sits next to me. But, I notice I have a nice view of the TV. The controllers, both models it don't matter none, are within reach. With my head in this location I succeeded in pinching off the one blood vessel that was causing this whole miserable two previous days! And now I could game.

If I activate the 360 controller, without moving any to swap discs, I can play Red Faction Guerrilla. If I grab the triple stix, I am in store for a couple titles, but most likely inFAMOUS! What would you do in a situation like that?

My headache is coming back now thanks to the dilema getting rid of my headache got me in!

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