Thursday, June 11, 2009

I mentioned this game earlier.

Aliens vs Predator 2. The game launched for PC back in 2001. I had some experience playing online PC games because of my "track" record with the NASCAR Racing franchise by Papyrus and the addictive and realistic teams and leagues. This was official shit here.
Aliens Versus Predator 2

Anyway, I knew that when you wanted to join a multiplayer game you had to click a button of some sort that would basically bring up a list of active servers.

My buddy Foster (Sphiel!) bought the game, hell, I had not even heard of it! I am a huge Predator fan though, and of course I have watched all the Alien movies although I didn't dig them as much as Arnold telling pussyface, "You're one--ugly--mothafucka." Predator is and has been my all time favorite movie. The older I get, the nerdier I feel admitting that fact.

So I'm studying Foster play as the Predator, THE FUCKIN PREDATOR!!! He's cloaked, climbing trees, changin vision modes. Had Foster not been there, I may have popped wood then and there! Then I'm checkin the box and notice the Online Multiplayer tidbit! Holy shit, stop the single player queer, no plot dumb AI story and lets take on the world! And so we did.

Clicking the Multiplayer Internet button led me to a familiar location, the active server browser. We were online, and we were joining games.

A week later I owned the game. In it you can play three campaigns, one as each species, the human, the predator, and the alien. Same goes for multi. Any faction you wanted. Despite the differences in the species, the developers of the game figure out ways to balance the game so that no species ever really had the upper hand.

And Foster and I played for months. Starting after work nightly, around midnight, until the sunrise each day. Months. We payed for our own high speed Chicago based server. We had international clan matches with clans from the U.K. It was bigtime, and I was one bad motherfucker as either the human or the predator. And then, I quit...

My wife Cyn picked it up one day. Human and pred characters were immediately out of the question. But put her in the doggystyle position, let her pounce from 100 feet across the map, walk on walks, and bleed acid that can kill unsuspecting passersby! Cyn was talented. I saw it in her early when she started playing. I never played anymore, I just would tell her things that could help her out such as what the pred will do in this situation, what the marines method of attack will be at this chokepoint, what popular alien tactics we had faced in clan matches that confused us the most or caused us the most trouble.

She joined clan. She was recruited in a random server one day by a U.K. based clan and quickly was the top dog in their alien division. Dominating clan practices, clan matches, being called a straight up cheater in public rooms, Cyn found a PC game she first enjoyed, and second was one bad bitch behind the keyboard.

All the praise and victories and accusations of cheating (an honor I think if you are legit) on a constant basis, but she still had one goal that seems to her to be unobtainable. Mainly because the other involved individual had hung it up and had been playing them consoles. The person, the goal, the once thought unbeatable at least by Cyn, the one she felt could dominate her even at her best and his worst. The player when by the name Preva'kya Sin6. That player was me, and I entertained the thought of taking her one seriously and for real.

I started to play it again. Grabbing a Gold Edition which came with the Primal Hunt expansion, I had a copy, she had a copy, we had two PC's capable of running the game perfectly, and we had the home network. It was on.

And it was over fast. I knew it would be quick, but I didn't think that quick. I mean, my fingers didn't even ache? Why? Because I didn't do shit! I looked at this fucking cracked out pred-alien jumping all over hell, bouncing off walls making me practically puke watching the untrackable even by the smart gun TARGET (?) until she stops fucking with me and bites my head off.

She'd tailwhip my ass, which stuns my character and makes him look like he has a seriously bad case of downs. Totally defenseless, I almost drool while I watch the poor cripple on screen. As the effects of the stun begin tho wear off, just as I can lift my pulse rifle again and about put a shot or two in her foot, she bites my head off.

I respawn. As soon as I do, she's fucking flying at my head from about six city blocks away with 8 inch long razor sharp claws just a freaking out like its trying to swim through the air. This time she shreds, for lack of a better term, my head off.

I have fired 2 rounds, at her foot, whilst still half paralyzed from the stun move she put me in! I about gave up but figured I was rusty which is not a total bullshit pussy cop out, its somewhat true OK!?!

It was a good time. We had some great games me and her, and we both loved watching each other have great games against misc. players from around the world. She could admire the human/pred asskicker that I was, and I could gaze in awe at the alien master she had become. In the near future, we are going to do it again. I hope that SEGA published, REBELLION developed Alien vs. Predator console game is worth the paper the manual is printed on. We true AVP fans need us a tight console game to enjoy.

I just thought I'd share that nice gaming story with you. I think its pretty sweet how things went down in the end with the whiff and her ungodly talents.


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