Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just thought I'd post up a thread I started at the SS Forum today. In case you didn't know, C4C = Cash For Clunkers (or clonkers I've also read :)

Sorry guys, another C4C story...

I personally never really paid any attention to C4C until I started hanging around the SS forum after the crash. I prefer to not finance cars and I never took the time to even care to learn the ins and outs of this plan mind you.

To make along story short, after reading pretty much all that you guys have typed I realized how important this was to many of you and I just said piss on it and drove through the largest dealer in town, GM dealer by the way.

The backlot there was always the auction cars and normally there would be 4-10 cars of various condition, an occasional gem, and the plethora of turds. Today, that lot is lined with cars, probably 40-50, and all but like 3 have C4C painted on the windshields. This threw me back for a second as I'm driving my SS, fresh up out the carwash and wax treatment, even the shiny black shit on the tires kinda afternoon. I spotted 1 b-body, a 91-92 Caprice, bigtime piece of shit, probably worth $300 lol, but a Caprice non the less.

Then I see Trailblazers that are in really nice shape. My mom has one and it's an old sum bitch, but like the first year of the current style you dig? She loves the thing and swears by it, "Oh the TB this, oh the TB that, just spent $1000 on the AC cuz dat truck is jus too nice not to maintain! blah blah FUCKin blah!" Mom, your car is worth $4500. And, they are going to blow it up, and possibly crush the thing.

Ford F150, nice shape extended cab, looked like and 02-03 not really up on my blue oval shaped turd vehicles. A decent truck probably none the less. Lets just agree here I saw more vehicles in that pile that I would have been more than happy to drive daily. I saw a really bomb ass conversion van, and I have three kids that would love my 360 and my ps3 up in there while we roll around the county because, well, Im unemployed and dont really have the money for gas, a hotel, a FUCKING WEEKEND AWAY man!

I guess I'm just catching up with the world around me. I lost my job in June and since then my brain has been running overtime about a future consisting of returning to school or just taking the easy route and jump back into the workforce. This is a chance to make something of myself, hell become a Nurse for Peters sakes!

For the first time all this media regarding the economy actually pertains to my exact living condition. The C4C thing just smacked me upside the head by just pulling in to see that line of cars that my tax dollars bought and destroyed. Unreal. And the car that I am most proud to ever have the opportunity to own, my 96 SS, somehow qualifies to be blownup and smooshed!

Im sorry for typing all this shit you already know about by it just hit home to me yesterday.

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