Wednesday, February 17, 2010


For some reason, Alien Versus Predator came out yesterday, the sixteenth of February, and I did not pick up my preordered copy. This is odd, being a huge fanatic of anything to do with either franchise separately, or as a whole. Could it be the reviews that I am reading online, giving the game as low as 5.0 of 10, or the newest issue of Game Informer where Ben Reeves says the replay value is low.

I'm wondering how the replay value of AVP this time around can be anything but stellar, at least speaking for the fanboys, and I use that term loosely because I am in that group. I had hours upon hours of fun with AVP2 on the PC back in the day, and that game didn't have any stat tracking, achievements, leader boards, nothing. A bare bones shooter with one distinct quality that set it apart from one hundred other shooters on the shelf at Wal-Mart.

When you are able to balance the combat between three totally different species in an online multi player game, you have done something few developers have been able to pull off. Many of which have troubles getting one on one combat equal enough so that the player behind the controller was responsible for his actions. Not that his twin 1887's were two over powered sniper rifles that rather than shooting a single projectile seemed to spray bullets everywhere resulting in certain death for anything within eyesight...

So here we are in my eyes, right back where I was when I first played AVP2 on my PC. A virgin to the game play virtually, and I have to learn it quick. It seems this game is going to force me to play as a xeno, something I have never electively done before. But I found after playing the AVP demo on the PC that I actually could handle the control of the alien albeit a bit rough at times to get used to the wall walking portion. Put me on the ground though and I was having a blast running up on helpless marines. Hanging from the ceiling waiting for prey was another thing I was decent at, only because it didn't involve anything more than stopping on the ceiling once I got there, and jumping off when a target neared. Simple enough.

Now I have talked myself into the game a bit more which is a nice feeling. I won't let a few negative reviews keep me from enjoying the game to the fullest. Maybe I'll find the review crew to be accurate once I dedicate several hours to the game? Who can tell? I'm just looking forward to the chance.


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