Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bioshock 2 Surprises, and I am mere hours into the game!

Mere hours, like, I don't know, let us just say probably around five hours of game play. I have been taking my time, exploring every room, every nook and cranny trying to find as many audio diaries as possible. Some of the best ones tell the tales of when the first games events were going down. Erie at times, but very cool and a nice way to pay homage to the original title by putting it front and center for the brief moment the audio diary plays for you to listen.

The most welcomed change I believe is the dual wielding of the plasmids in the left hand while using any gun you wish in the right hand. You want to carry the sawed-off whilst setting things ablaze with Incinerate, well then have it at it, it all up to you what combination of plasmids and weapons you wish to have as your load out. Personally, I really enjoy the Incinerate plasmid while carrying the shotgun in my right hand. After all, I am a Big Daddy now, (Subject Delta is the name of the sequels protagonist.) stronger than any other living thing in Rapture, I should damn well be able to carry a mini gun one handed while freezing splicers to death with my icy left-hand plasmid! What a game!

Graphically, Bioshock 2 is more of the same. It isn't any prettier than the first game, and at time some of the texture work even appears to be weaker, or less polished than the 2007 release. It isn't by any means a distraction mind you, but I tend to stare at shit on the screen like an idiot for long periods of time, studying textures whereas I should be just killing things and progressing the story along. I am very guilty of stopping game play altogether just to jot something in my notebook regarding what I am doing in the game, and I like to comment allot on what I am seeing on screen. So far I haven't really witnessed any glitches with the game, which is a nice treat after investing so much time in Modern Warfare 2 only to have it become one of the most manipulated games ever seen!

But enough about what I can't control. What I can control is how long it takes me to get through Bioshock 2. I am really hoping the game is longer than the first one, but I won't mind if it rounds out to be close to what the original ran. From what I have read on the great interweb, this game has a plot twist that blows the mind? Now my interest is piqued, and this type of spoiler is what takes the amount of playtime I get out of a game and compresses it nicely because by all means, I want to see what the fuss is all about!

At any rate, the game isn't going to play itself, so I should probably fire it up! Unless of course I take advantage of the direct connection to the modem I am enjoying right now on my PC. It's a long story regarding my router and this PC's inability to connect to Games For Windows Live, which is what I play Fallout 3 PC on, as well as Shadowrun. Never mind, just thinking about that ugly situation starts to make my head spin.

I thought I'd mention that I bought the special edition of Bisoshock 2 and it was well worth it. Being a collector of special edition game packages is a hobby of mine, but I honestly don't pick that many of them up.

Of course I had to have the Fallout 3 lunchbox with the Vault Tech Bobblehead. I really am anticipating the AvP Hunter Edition complete with fully articulated Facehugger! But Bioshock 2's special edition is just gorgeous. A 180g virgin vinyl LP comes with it, along with a 160+ page art book with tons of captions explaining the world of Rapture and it's inhabitants. Three propaganda posters are tight rolled in the package, and I think a trip to Hobby Lobby to get them matted is in the near future. You get the audio CD soundtrack which is what the LP has on it. Good stuff!

If I think about it once I have conquered Rapture a second time, I'll post up a full review. It should be a good read. Why am I still writing this, I've got some games to play!


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