Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WOW, 2010 is shaping up to be...

...a hell of a gamers paradise! Just in the first quarter alone, some of my most anticipated titles of the year are dropping. Games like MAG for the PS3, and Mass Effect 2 for the 360 are a week away. In February, and I can barely wait for this, Aliens Versus Predator releases. I can't wait to get back into that series and experience some next gen online fraggin in what is my most favorite gaming IP of all time.

Not to be outdone by the hype train is another fantastic title that had the bar set high by it's previous release. That would be Bioshock 2. Play as a Big Daddy! Play online multiplayer for the first time in this series. Play in Rapture set 10 years after the original story! Man this game could be the game of the year IF they nail both the story and the multiplayer as well as the original game perfected the storytelling.

Heavy Rain on the PS3 is also about to hit store shelves. This February release is a game reminiscent of The Indigo Prophecy, an original Xbox game that broke ground when it game out several years ago. I still own the game and play it periodically. It's going to be thrilling to see what kind of mystery and suspense the writers can come up with this time around.

Other must buy games include Bad Company 2 and Grand Turismo 5. GT5 is including NASCAR this time around since EA dropped the licence for the sport, so lets hope the team at Sony can build a racer that deserves the NASCAR logo on the box. I read they are really struggling what with all the rules and such that NASCAR has. They are trying like mad to jam it all in, along with ideal damage modeling, a first for the series!

Splinter Cell: Conviction, though now delayed until sometime fiscal 2010 (April 2010 - March 2011) is another highly anticipated game that I will have to be buying day one. Sources expect this to hit shelves in April, but nothing is confirmed that I am aware of. I can wait, with the slew of shit coming out before hand, I'll be busy!

I still have a few games from 2009 that I really want. Forza 3 tops that list. It take the award for being a game that I have wanted the longest and have not sprung the cash for! I grabbed The Saboteur when I had my chance to get Forza 3, and I am not totally disappointed as Pandemic's last effort is a worthy one, one I would rate an 85 out of 100 if I were a reviewer.

I'd still like to try Dragon Age Origins too, even though I am not sold on the RPG genre as much as one would like to be to make a commitment to a $60 title. Left For Dead 2, another game I want to try. Not sure about buying that one though, as I bought the first and really didn't dig it as much as I normally do VALVe releases. It was good, just a bit too much focused on multiplayer and coop, neither of which has been my fancy lately.

So you can see, times are tough for an unemployed nerd right now, and they are only going to get tougher. Thank goodness Obama is soon to give back the money I let him borrow last year, an then I can get to preordering the games I most desire. Until next time, take care America!

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