Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday Deals!

My wife and our friend Jackie were sitting beside me tonight as I perused STEAM's just updated holiday sale advertisements. I am totally shocked over some of the announced deals, so shocked in fact I opted to grab two of them myself just to make sure they weren't pulling the consumers chains! So shocked that I couldn't contain my excitement like a normal adult and thus the women were able to form a general opinion on my gaming addiction.

In their eyes, it's bad! How can a guy possibly be so gaga over video games? It's my hobby, it's what I do. Why do you insist on buying all the games that catch your eye at a decent price? Because I want the damn things. How often will you actually play these bargin bin titles in the first place? For $5, if I turn the game on and some fat fucks ass appears on the screen and rips a big ol' fart that's worth the price of admission! Shit like this. I can live with it though, but come on my friends, why must you ask?

What is this leading up to? The Holiday Deals but of course! And how! STEAM recently has taken over Xbox LIVE as my favorite interface for gaming. After all I always have retained that I am a PC gamer with a console gamers budget. STEAM just does it right. From the store, to the community page, to your profile options, it's a total package. Annually, around Christmas, this year on December 22nd (or 23rd) to be exact, STEAM gives back to the users, ALOT.

With sales as high as 90% off on some titles (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SoC is $1.99!) the gamer just can't go wrong pulling out the plastic to pick up a game he or she normally wouldn't if perhaps S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s $19.99 price point was a bit steep for a whim purchase. This current sale lasts for just over 30 more hours. From what I read, at the conclusion of the 30+ remaining hour sale, there will be an updated list of titles for dirt cheap and the sale will restart. I think this will repeat until the end of what they consider the holiday season, January 4th.

If this is the case, then I expect to be able to land some really cool games that I would normally have passed on due to the high price and potential lack of commitment to the game after purchase if it is not my cup of tea. I most likely will keep the blog informed of and great deals I land since I just cannot contain myself when my manic side kicks in full gear!

As for now, while I wait for some downloads to complete, me and the wife are going to go watch District 9 which just released on DVD yesterday! The movie seems potentially cheesy, but the opinion is based on just a few snippets of the film. I can't recall what my good buddy Randy thought about the film which troubles me since he normally hits the sci-fi genre head on when offering opinions on the quality. If it is worth a minute of my time, I'll write a review and post it up here but if this fucker is a waste of time I most likely will erase it from memory for good.

Until next time, happy holiday's!


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