Friday, December 18, 2009

Just what in the hell have I been doing?

First of all, this time off of work has been both refreshing and discouraging at the same time, in equal amounts I'll go so far as to say. One reason the time off is enjoyable is the massive collection of mini hobbies I have finally has the time of the day to actually be more than a thought.

Gaming, naturally, gets it's ample time dedication as well as documentation via the notebook addiction. Notebooks, another hobby. Time to finally flesh them out a bit. Time to grab the back issues and enjoy the past. I thought then when I discovered blogging that the notebooks would slowly die off and I would go totally digital with my writing. This is not the case. Far from it, totally opposite. I don't mind, however my hand hurts sometimes and that is the one thing that always stops the note takers, while the blogger can go for hours. Me, I can write in short somewhat legible bursts, and game for hours.

Lately I haven't been playing as much as normal. Odd actually, since I do own a small collection of decent titles worthy of another playthrough. Modern Warfare 2 is still somewhat popular for me, but I have cut back on the freebasing of that fucking cracklike, life ending drug. Once I hit "Prestige" for the first time in my gaming career, something my eleven year old has done several times over on several of the Call of Duty titles, it has been kind of blah to me. I even picked back up with the Veteran Campaign, working my way slowly through several missions and adding a handfull of achievements I missed the first time around. Bored of that I might add already I am! I needed something new.

Tonight I got a boost of excitement when I played Team Fortress 2 on my PC for the first time. STEAM has the free weekend going on right now, and I took a few minutes to see what the fuss is all about. Now, I have played the 360 version, I own the PS3 version, but never have I ventured online with the PC, despite free weekends happening quite frequently if I recall.

I only jammed with it for a half hour or so, but you know what, it was refreshing and entertaining, and I felt like with just a few hours of it devoured, I could easily be decent at the game. Hell, in my first round I managed a five kill streak, something that takes me ages to do in MW2. Yes, I am a pretty sad gamer. The satisfaction with accomplishment with the game was almost immediate.

So what do you know, in my little pea brain I am tossing around the idea of grabbing me a copy of it over STEAM tomorrow. It is also half off right now, at $10, so I don't think I could go wrong. Brant would love the game if I could get his head out of Counter-Strikes ass! It is getting rediculous! This could be my chance, and TF2 could be the ammo I need to get the job done!

And now I am going to try mission impossible. I have GRAW on PC via CD. This PC I play at now, well, the DVD drive and CD drive both won't read data for shit and always fuck up the transfer when installing games from disc. I basically haven't pulled it off yet, so venturing further with my six disc copy of GRAW is most likely an idiotic proposal at best. Fear not, tax time is around the corner, and I sure hope it allows for me a new PC. Shit, I'll take the nice Alienware laptop in the new GameInformer. For $1499, it'll play todays games at a decent clip, plus give me the portability to blog while gaming OH SHIT I GOTTA DO IT!!!

Im out.

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