Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It started out about cars...

At least a better place to sleep. The harshness of winter is just lurking around the corner. This morning, well, yesterday morning I guess, I woke up to see snow on the ground, on the trees, and on my fucking Impala! That's bullshit. I'm tired of not having a garage around here. I imagine if I had me one of those garagmahals I'd most likely have that freakin' shaggin wagon done as well. Mmmmmm, I love that thing...

But I guess I do what I did back when I was a young punk with that 94 Camaro. Every chance I got during the winter I'd plop 5 bucks into a car wash no matter the temperature outside, so as long as it wasn't a slushy, chaotic mess. Cold, salted roads were fun, but if the shit starts to melt, winter car washes aren't done as often.

My catch 22 is that unemployment doesn't really favor such luxuries as taking care of your favorite car you've ever owned or want to own in your life (save for the Ultimate SS Collection I have occasional wet dreams about, but that's another blog, yes?) So there may not be those "just to get the salt off" wash days when its 3*F. Fuck. With a good pair of thinsulated gloves its not too bad as long as you don't blow the 165* water in your face. In which case I wear glasses, you get the idea, it's fuckin' mess.

I guess however is what matters most. This spring, if I can mend some fences with Pops, and devote some more time to getting to know my brother, we may join forces in painting the SS together. I'd love that. Especially since I own the motherfucker, no but seriously, I've mentioned it to Jas, so we'll watch how this grows.

Fresh paint, no door dings, no mis-matched doors, no busted up front bumper. We could take care of it all. The things got 78,000 miles on it, and its older than my son Drew! As I've posted before, this is my dream car. The winter months as creeping up really quick and for a car buff like me that is FINALLY back on the scene (I have my own scene, it's cool, you could check it out...).

There's the need of new, black carpet though, and once again, this costly piece of necessity is not really negotiable with an unemployment VISA paycard... In order to fully enjoy the hobby of owning your first and most sought after collector car, I am going to have to get back in the working force! I've got some waters to test here, but they aren't deep enough for my personal liking and I do not want to work again at a place that doesn't promote growth through recognition of those with the aptitude.

So as 2009 comes to a close I am getting ready to make a mother fucking change round here. It certainly feels good though to have things in my life like the three wonderful kids, my beautiful and hard working wife Cyn, and goals and dreams that are obtainable now moreso than ever before for us as a family. Making the right choices are most important on today's list of priorities.

My hobby of writing is something I really want to explore and blogging seems to be the route I wish to take to progress the spectrum. It is hard for me though to sit down and just type what's rattling around in my head. However, it has never been more than a reach to the pen to jot down what I am feeling, or what game I am going to play, or a basic note to remember to tell someone, when the notebooks are involved... odd.

That's just a few things on my mind right now and as a test I figured why not blog it. No one reads this shit anyway so the typos go unnoticed! Until next time my friends, family, and future fans.


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