Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buying Books

I don't think I have honestly purchased a legit book that wasn't a video game strategy guide since I bought Driven by Mark Martin way back in 1996! So it is odd that this week I am awaiting two book orders from Amazon dot com! First, on a whim I picked up Writing Fiction for Dummies. I thought that maybe I could read through it, see what ideas are presented and if they would work well with my style, I'd ultimately leaern something about myself as a writer.

Next, I went with a recommendation from longtime friend Ryan Wiesbrock, I grabbed Stephen King's "On Writing". I can't wait for this one, and if it arrives first I may never open the dummies book! Ryan told me several highlights of the book by King, and they all clicked in my head. It would be most interesting to see how a man that creates works like his actually perfects his craft. Not to mention the opinions on techniques aspiring writers could employ to help build esteem and a career behind the keyboard.

If I remember to post an update on what I learn or don't learn, possibly a book review or two, than I relate the experiences these pieces of literature have given me. Did they awaken part of my creative brain that has been sleeping far too long? We'll have to wait and see. Maybe in the near future I will be starting to crank out works worthy to be sold as freelance material across the interwebz!


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