Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 Mini Rant

What a year this has been for us gamers!  2012 produced some of my personal favorite games of this generation, across all the platforms I play.  It also let me down in a lot of ways from highly anticipated titles not living up to the expectations I had for them to games being pushed back into 2013 or cancelled outright!  I mean, who didn't want a sequel to Prey?  And what kind of release was Ghost Recon Future Soldier for those die hard fans of the series that have been waiting patiently for this new iteration?  The latter of which I didn't even complete the campaign for, that sort of speaks volumes for what my opinion is worth.

I didn't bite on the hype of the Wii U and I do not see myself jumping aboard that sinking ship anytime soon.  This may in fact be the first time that a new generation of consoles is upon us and I have zero interest in it.  Even the new Xbox or PlayStation isn't really giving me boners when I think about those systems and their potential.  Am I spoiled by PC gaming so much so that I don't see the point in spending the money to join the next generation when my PC gives me what I want already and the previous generation still has hundreds of games in it that I want to play!?

But this isn't about console versus PC to me.  I play them all, but this year things are different with how I want to support my hobby going forward.  I'm no longer an early adopter.  This means by choice I am relegating myself to the games of this generation if I chose to play on a console.  My PC will hopefully carry me into the next gen far enough to put myself in a position to buy into the next piece of tech.  I expect to miss my share of exclusives, but that will be overshadowed by the multi platform titles I can play on the PC as well as a huge collection of games from the PS3 and 360 era that I have yet to play.  2012 alone contributed so many games to an already lengthy list of shit I want to play.  This financial cluster fuck I am involved in put most of the games that launched this year out of my reach.  This extends the life of the generation for me I guess, if you have to sugar coat the scenario.

There are things that I would like to have set in place before heading off into nextgenland.  First of all, this year I finally got to experience 3D gaming and movies.  I feel that with just a little bit more put into this tech it will be close to a must have in my book.  There are games out today that really soar with the addition of the 3D.  If you thought a game that blew your mind visually, such as Metro 2033, has nothing more to offer, then check it out in 3D.  Mind blown.  Yes, there's the little gripes and bitches like ghosting and the fact that glasses are still a necessary evil, but those are things I hope a little advancement in the industry can take care of.  I'd love to have the 3D experience nailed down before the next consoles come out, and doing so I can use the current consoles and my PC to judge when it is time.

Of course, you wait and see, if I have boatloads of cash at hand when the future arrives, I'll probably be first in line.  It's easy to write a year off that I won't but I am pretty hardcore when it comes to gaming and sometimes I just cannot resist hype!  We've all been there.  I am just hoping that this time I don't have it sneak up on me and bite me in the ass.

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