Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Future Soldier went back in time!

I'm playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier, right now, on this very monitor, on the vga input via an Xbox 360.  It has been since roughly the middle of 2007 that I began to crave more, nay, a better Ghost Recon experience.  This game, I don't think is in any way above and beyond what we have already witnessed on the current gen consoles five years ago.  From what I have played of this so far, there is no way this sucker should have sat in development that fucking long!  They spent five years taking Team Death Match out of the Advanced War fighter series.

However poor the outlook may seem, I felt moments of redemption, when the game somehow had me reminisce about the days of Last Man Standing on the Xbox with GR: Summit Strike.  And where the fuck is my Team Last Man Standing?  Where is regular, no bullshit objective pussy fart way out, Death Match?  Gone, and that is bullshit.  And it pisses me off because I really, really wanted to love this title to death!  I mean, sure, it's not a total loss, at least not yet, but if some goofy ass CoD moment fucks up this campaign even further, it could damn well be.

Lets be fair and take time to thank the developers for what they did give to us peasants, and that is Saboteur.  Yes, I said it.  That's what I enjoy if I head online with the tactical wizards of the internet.  There's some fun to be had online, however it's pretty well hidden under blue and orange shit all over your screen.  But otherwise, it's a spit-shined looking GRAW ripoff, however with blue and orange, shit placed basically all over the place.

Here's an objective, there's and enemy, and another, oh shit, ammo boxes 86m away gotta remember that in case I make it that far.  This is the future soldier part of the package and I think it stinks.  I don't like it all up in my shit like it is like a damn heads up display on my Caddy (I don't have hud, nor a Caddy).  I don't know, I guess some gamers like it?  I imagine many do, but not me.  Fuck it.  I wouldn't care if I could shut that shit off and still play with everybody, fuck the blue and orange advantage, just let me rip!

Chances are I could still end up liking this game if it gets it's shit together or or get my head out of my ass, whichever comes first.  Bodark is a funny name to me too.  I love it.  "Ah, don't go fuckin' with that guy, he works at Bodark!"  I mean, I'm not expecting much from one of the Tom Clancy games oddly enough.  So I'll trod through the campaign and even once with a buddy!  And I'll play that multi player for a spell because even though it's not the future I wanted to see it was still a competent shooter.

OK, back to the game. 

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